Monday, July 16, 2007

Memorable Snaps

Just thought you would all appreciate a few more photos to see where I've been. Let your mind do a little wandering along the streets and waterways and interesting sights I've discovered. First two in Italy, next two in Barcelona, last two in Paris.


Kari said...

Hey Candice,
so fun to read about all your adventures. the pictures look Gorgeous! I wonder if it will be difficult for you to return after such a fantastic trip.
at the end of July me, Jason and the wee ones will be having a small adventure ourselves. we're going camping at Butano State park...a lush, red woodsy sort of place. We'll visit Phipps Farm to go berry picking and pet the animals and visit Duarte's tavern for olallieberry pie and artichoke soup. A simple trip comparted to Italy, for sure..but sometimes there's a lot of fun to be had in the "small" places...particularly with the small people who make my life exquisite.
(at other times they make it less exquisite..but let me romanticize it for a moment. :) )

when you get back, i'll need to fill you in on my fall plans. I've made some drastic decisions in regards to the mfa program. it's a long story. when do you return?

Candice said...

Oh No! I don't know if I want to hear about your mfa plans. But, I also know that everyone must make their own decisions. I'm sure your trip to Butano will be special. I camped there years ago...memories of trying to start a campfire in the drippy rain. But, the organic/woodsy smells and remoteness of the place was great.

I will be back in San Jose on July 23rd...this coming Monday. Hope we can get together for coffee or a play day at the park.