Saturday, July 21, 2007

Here I Come, Right* Back*Where* I Started From

Hey all you girls and boys out there!

Heads up, cuz I'm heading back on the big 'ol silver buzzard tomorrow. I get all itchy and squirmy when I have to sit in one place for that inhuman amount of time it takes to fly a cazillion miles...feels a bit like a straight jacket to me. Maybe I'll have to resort to the pharmaceutical industry.

So, I can't believe my time is up. My traipsin' time is over for now.

I've seen so many places and had all kinds of various and sundry experiences that I think I'm going to need some time to sort the whole thing out in my brain in order to write it down. But, I will be happy to be back in touch with many of you. Also, back to my own chosen eating habits, sleeping habits and possibly even one or two nasty habits. No telling what's to happen after taking myself all over Europe, seeing buildings older than the moon and listening to Italian opera, Vienese Mozart, various street musicians and one surly organ grinder. But just hang in there and I will post the continuing adventures of Ms.Wynne along with some of the photos that show off the wonders I've seen.

Safe Travels to All, and don't forget to check in again in about a week for "the rest of the story." Good-night,
Candice, Mom, Nana, Friend, Traveler

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