Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Hills Are Alive

I am now in Belgium visiting with Kellee. And, if you checked, you will see I have added a few photos to my previous posts. More to come. I went to Salzburg, Austria for a couple of days and wished I'd planned more time there....great city-smaller than Vienna, but with a lot of charm.

I took a train and then a taxi to a small area south of Salzburg called Hochkonig...the specific mountain range in the Austrian Alps. My place was great and I explored the surrounding area by foot, with tones of the Von Trapp family encroaching on my mind, as hard as I tried to push the cliche away. I know you've heard me go on and on about gorgeous places along the way, but this is yet another one of those unbelievably breathtaking places...right out of a storybook....check out the Gnome and ducks I met along the path.

A saturation of color. Greens of fields and trees, pristine blue of flawless sky, brown cows ambling down the mountain at milking time and red hats on Gnomes and in the molten sunset I happened to catch from the balcony of my room.
I think the photos say the rest.

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