Friday, June 15, 2007

Planes, Trains, Automobiles and then...the Duomo!

After a whole day of traveling, beginning at 5am and taking buses, trains, planes (first to Frankfurt, layover, then to Pisa) and then more trains and a taxi ride, I was, to say the least, exhausted. But, as my train pulled into Florence from Pisa, what did I see out the window? The red tiled dome of the Duomo! I was floored.

I will be posting a little more often in the next few days, as this Internet place is close and convenient to my hotel. While I was walking around Florence last night, just trying to get my bearings, I was totally taken by the close proximity of all these Italian antiquities that were right before my eyes. More to come.

Must tell you about Allessandro. A young man at the Pisa train station was standing by the train and I think he noticed the confusion on my face. He kindly offered to help me on my way to Florence, as that was where he was going also...his home town. I accepted graciously and as he lifted my bag onto the train, I already felt welcomed into Italy. We chatted along the way. He was happy to practice his English and I was more than happy to tell about the Bay area and the beautiful coastline we have in California. As we were approaching Florence, we both stood up and looked out the train window (picture arms on the window ledge--just like the movies), and I could feel the hospitable Italian sunshine entering my mind and body. And, then...the red tiled dome of the Duomo appeared and I just about dropped to my knees. Wow. it's just that I've heard and studied about this place all my life and when it suddenly appears, it almost doesn't seem real.

Anyway folks, I'm off to my reserved slot at the Uffizi now. Love to all...

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