Wednesday, June 13, 2007

If It´s Thursday, It Must Be...

I know, I know. It´s been a while since my last post. What can I say?

I spent another week in Provence, most of it really terrific. In Nice, my daughter Kelle and I found ourselves in a downpour in old town Nice. But, we spotted two men who set up a little table outside their shops and were pouring champagne and nibbling on some cheese amidst it all! It´s the Life!

I left Kell at the Marseilles airport to take my little rental car into the hills of Vaucluse. That´s just north of Provence and full of small towns and rolling hillsides. I was fortunate to find a chambre d´hote...that´s a bed and breakfast, at an old 18th Century farmhouse with a view to die for. I really appreciated the laid back pace and pastoral atmosphere. Took a walk in the ochre hills, where the color óchre´actually first came from. So cool. Traveled over hill and dale to discover all sorts of small towns, shepherds with flocks of, what else, sheep. I went to Lourmarin to find a bustling street market with, of all things, a hot 4 piece jazz band. Bought salami and cheese and was lucky to be invited to dine with a couple that were also staying at the same b and b as I was. Must admit, it was great to be able to speak my own language with a couple of people from England.

I am about to leave Barcelona, Spain. Spent 4 and a half days here and I think it´s a great city, yet it doesn´t hold the charm of the French countryside for me. I think it´s a place for the young(er)crowd, the ones who don´t mind staying on their feet for hours at a time. Las Ramblas is nothing more than a very long wide sidewalk with souvenir vendors and flower shops, and restaurants lining the sides. It is a stream of bodies from morning till evening. My dinner tonight was cheap¨..cut up melon from the produce market, one euro...3 slices of the special ham they all rave about here, cut directly from the leg of pork from a very special to come, 3 euros...and then I wandered some more till I found a gelato stand, double scoop for 3.30 euro...that´s about 7.30 euro for fruit, meat and dessert! Hey, I was satisfied, okay!!

Also went for a little boat ride along the coast here in Barcelona. A little lackluster, to be honest. I think I´m spoiled with the Central Coast of California. Really folks, you can´t beat it. But, there was a moment of fun when about 4 guys in a little motor boat waved enthusiastically to the tour boat and upon waving back, they all (well, what do you think?) dropped their shorts for a lovely bare assed good bye! Don´t panic...I didn´t return the favor.

Flying off to Florence tomorrow...extra early...whole day of travel...wish me well.
Adios Amigos!!


Kari said...

Hey Candice,
I've just been reading about your trip. Wow! I can't wait to see your pictures. I just wanted to say a quick hello. we celebrated Henry's 1st birthday on June 3rd...I can't believe it! I'm getting a new bike :), and we've been spending a fair amount of time in Santa Cruz, enjoying the ocean and the more laid back environment.
A few of us from the MFa program are going to get together this saturday to talk about some of our writing, etc. We'll miss you.

keep blogging when you can. It's great to hear about some of the things you're experiencing, and I look forward to hearing more about it when you get back.


Kate said...

Hi Candice,
I lost your blog address but got it yesterday from Kate Evans. I'm glad you're having such a good time. I'm in the middle of moving this week. Received 2 postcards from you, thank you! Say hi to Kellee, David, and my guys.


Candice said...

Hi Kari,
Good to hear from home. Your baby is, time does fly. Give him a little birthday kiss from "Aunt Candice."

Please tell all the MFAers hello from me. I miss actually writing on my word processor, but have been keeping a detailed and somewhat reflective journal. It will be a wonderful tool for my writing in the fall.

And, I've seen some outrageously beautiful sights here in Europe, but a walk along West Cliff Drive can't be beat. I'm telling ya...